The ATLAS configure step

In this step, ATLAS builds all the subdirectories of the BLDdir, and creates the make include file used in all ATLAS's Makefiles ( In order to do this successfully, you inform ATLAS where your SRCdir and BLDdir are located, and pass flags which tell configure what type of install you want to do. The basic way to do a configure step is:

   cd BLDdir ; SRCdir/configure [flags]

A complete list of flags is beyond the scope of this paper, but you can get a list of them by passing -help to configure. In this note, we will discuss some of the more important flags only. ATLAS takes two types of flags: flags that are consumed by the initial configure script itself begin with -, and flags that are passed by configure to a later config step begin with only a single -.

We first discuss flags and steps for building a full netlib library using netlib's LAPACK (§[*]), building a shared library (§[*]), changing the compilers (§[*]), and a flag (§[*]) to indicate that you have no FORTRAN compiler (and thus don't need any FORTRAN APIs), and changing the way ATLAS does timings (§[*]). Finally, we consider a few miscellaneous flags (§[*]), including the flag telling ATLAS whether the resulting libraries should assume a 64 or 32 bit address space (§[*]).

R. Clint Whaley 2016-07-28