Building generic libraries for any x86 with an x87 FPU (PPRO & later)

To build binaries that will run on any x86 platform that implements an x87 FPU unit (I believe this is all Intel architectures from PentiumPRO onwards, and any AMD platform since at least the original Athlon), add the following flags to your configure line:
    -b 32 -V -1 -A x86x87

-b 32 ensures that you build the 32-bit libraries, which is necessary, since most older machines do not implement x86-64 (AMD64). The -V -1 says use no ISA extensions beyond the original x86 spec. The -A x86x87 selects an artificial architecture providing you with portable (but slow!) architectural defaults.

R. Clint Whaley 2016-07-28