Installing ATLAS when you don't have access to a FORTRAN compiler

By default, ATLAS expects to find a FORTRAN compiler on your system. If you cannot install a FORTRAN compiler, you can still install ATLAS, but ATLAS will be unable to build the FORTRAN77 APIs for both BLAS and LAPACK. Further, certain tests will not be able to even compile, as their testers are at least partially implemented in FORTRAN. To tell ATLAS you wish to install w/o a FORTRAN compiler, simply add the flag:

to your configure command.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you install ATLAS w/o a FORTRAN compiler, your build step will end with a bunch of make errors about being unable to compile some FORTRAN routines. This is because the Makefiles always attempt to compile the FORTRAN APIs: they simply continue the install if they don't succeed in building them. So, just because you get a lot of make messages about FORTRAN, don't assume your library is messed up. As long as make check and make time say your -nof77 install is OK, you should be fine.

R. Clint Whaley 2016-07-28