Finding the context of the error

If the sanity test ouput shows errors, the next step is to track down where they are coming from. You can see in the output the files that are being searched for errors. They are:

The threaded sanity test uses the same filenames with pt prefixed.

The first thing to notice is which of these tests are showing errors. The testers in bin are higher level than those in the interfaces directories, so if you get errors in both, track down and fix the interface errors first, as they may be causing the lapack errors. If both C and F77 BLAS interfaces are showing errors, I always scope and fix the Fortran77 stuff first, since Fortran is simpler (no RowMajor case to handle). Only if an error only shows up in C testing do I scope that output instead of the Fortran77.

The grepped error message probably gives you no idea what actually went wrong (it may show something as simple as:

for instance), so you must go look at the sanity.out in question. For instance, you might need to scope interfaces/blas/F77/testing/sanity.out. You do a search for whatever alerted you to the problem (eg., FAIL), and you see by the surrounding context what tester failed.

Clint Whaley 2012-07-10