Sanity testing for an ATLAS install

From ATLAS3.3.8 forward, ATLAS has had a ``sanity test'', which just does some quick testing in order to ensure that there are no obvious problems with the installed ATLAS libraries. It runs all of the standard BLAS interface testers, with the default input files, and it then runs a few fixed cases of ATLAS's lapack tester routines (eg., ATLAS/bin/invtst.c, etc). The advantage of these lapack testers is that they depend on many of the BLAS as well as the lapack routines, so you get a lot of testing for a minor amount of time. The sanity checks do not require any non-ATLAS libraries for testing, so the only dependence that a user who has installed ATLAS may not be able to satisfy is the need for a Fortran77 compiler, which is required for the BLAS interface testers. As of ATLAS3.7.12, ATLAS can also run a reduced set of tests for users who do not have a fortran compiler.

Clint Whaley 2012-07-10