Making your own architectural defaults

This section describes how to create architectural defaults as of ATLAS 3.9.80 and later. For older releases, the process is similar, but not quite the same, and is covered in the older atlas_devel available in those tarfiles.
  1. Get an install, correct in all details, that you want to immortalize.
  2. cd to your OBJdir/ARCHS directory
  3. Type make ArchNew

This will copy the search result output files into a directory <OBJdir>/ARCHS/<MACH>/, with appropriate subdirs under that. You can then go into these guys and delete files you don't want to be part of the defaults (eg., atlas_cacheedge.h, etc).

Now, to save these defaults to a transportable format, you can have the makefile create the tarfile for you by:

   make tarfile

Clint Whaley 2012-07-10