Setting up for CVS write access

After we agree that you will be an ATLAS SourceForge developer, you need to go to, and sign up as a SourceForge user. You should see a sidebar with:
   Not logged in

   Login via SSL
   New User via SSL

You want to take the New user via SSL link. This gets you a SourceForge user name, which you need to send to me at I then have to add you as an ATLAS developer.

You need to change your CVS access from anonymous/read to developer/write. It helps if you set your CVS_RSH and CVSROOT environment variables appropriately. CVS_RSH should be ssh. My CVSROOT is set to
Replacing my name (look for rwhaley in the above) with yours should get you what you need.

CVS check in/out will still not work correctly at this date. Now, do:

and enter your user name and password. As soon as you get a prompt, logout. This process creates some needed files.

Finally, if you have an ATLAS tree created by anonymous CVS access, the easiest thing is to delete it and recheck out as yourself. CVS creates some files on the first checkout saying what kind of access you are using, and these will still show as anonymous, despite your CVSROOT (this is true for branching as well, so watch out). If you want to scope the CVS commands, I'm sure you can switch over without deleting, but removing and rechecking out is how I've seen this problem successfully fixed.

Clint Whaley 2012-07-10