Forcing ATLAS to use your GEMM

If ATLAS detects you are on a platform where a contributed full GEMM is superior to ATLAS's large-case GEMM, ATLAS will automatically handle the details of making ATLAS call the user-contributed routine. If, however, you wish to force ATLAS to use your GEMM (for instance, you are testing your code before contribution, or just want to utilize ATLAS for complete BLAS coverage with your GEMM), you should take the following steps, after creating the appropriate subdirectory and API as previously described:

  1. Edit your file:
  2. In ATLAS/src/blas/gemm, touch ATL_gemmXX.c and ATL_AgemmXX.c to force recompilation
  3. In BLDdir/src/blas/gemm/ type make lib
  4. In BLDdir/include/, issue
  5. In BLDdir/tune/blas/gemm/, issue:

Clint Whaley 2012-07-10