Specifying the MinGW binutils to use

If ATLAS fails to find the correct MinGW compilers that you wish to use, you can manually specify complete paths to configure. In the directory where you plan to do configure, but before doing configure, create the file MinGW64.dat for a 64-bit install, or MinGW32.dat for a 32-bit install. This file specifies complete paths to all the MinGW binutils needed by ATLAS, one per line. The first line points to your MinGW ar, the second to ranlib, the third to your gcc, and the fourth to your gfortran. If you are planning to configure to not use a FORTRAN compiler (using the --nof77 flag), then you can omit the gfortran line.

Each line must be appropriately escaped if it contains embedded spaces or parens, as Windows often does. This may or may not work, and if you have problems getting it to work, I recommend using logical links to create working paths that don't embed these characters.

Here is an example of such a file as created for a 64-bit install using the MinGW compilers provided by cygwin, saved to BLDdir/MinGW64.dat:

Note that the entire file should be 4 (or 3 if gfortran isn't used) lines, with no blank lines.

R. Clint Whaley 2016-07-28