Setting up to use non-GNU native Windows compilers

The only native compilers that I have experience with is MSVC++ (cl), and the Intel compilers (icl/ifort). In order to find any of these compilers, the cygwin startup script must be made to run the appropriate environment variable setup script. These scripts are .bat files that can be found whereever you installed the native compilers. As an example, here is the complete /cygdrive/c/cygwin/Cygwin.bat that worked for me under Windows 7:
@echo off
chdir c:\Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0/VC/
call vcvarsall
chdir c:\Program Files (x86)/Intel/Composer XE 2011 SP1/bin
call iclvars.bat intel64
call ifortvars.bat intel64
chdir C:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

Presently, ATLAS allows you to change only the interfaces compilers with the native Windows compilers (the bulk of the library must be compiled with either cygwin/gcc or MinGW/gcc).

In order to use ifort for the F77 interfaces, add this flag to your configure line:

   -C if ifort

In order to compile the C interface routines with icl (the command line interface to the Intel C++ compiler), add the flag:

   -C ic icl

In order to compile the C interface routines with CL (the command line interface to MSVC++), add the flag:

   -C ic cl

R. Clint Whaley 2016-07-28