The ATLAS install step

This final optional step instructs ATLAS to copy the created libraries and include files into the appropriate directories, as specified in the configure step. This functionality is new, and so far is not bullet-proof (for instance, it copies only static libraries, and so presently fails to copy any dynamic libraries the user has built). From your BLDdir, it may be invoked by:
   make install

By default, this command will copy all the static libraries to /usr/local/atlas/lib and all the user-includable header files to /usr/local/atlas/include. You may override this default directory during the configure step using the gnu-like flags -prefix, -incdir and/or -libdir. Assuming you didn't issue -incdir or -libdir, you can also override the prefix directory at install time with the command:

   make install DESTDIR=<prefix directory to install atlas in>

R. Clint Whaley 2016-07-28